Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Mattress Collection

The Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Mattress Collection is a step up from its basic Estate Collection. As the company puts it, the collection of mattresses reaches the “next level” in Stearns & Foster features. These features include hand-tufting for improved responsiveness and durability along with the option of choosing a pillowtop support layer as your mattress topper.

If you’re looking for a new high-end mattress, and are interested in a pillowtop feel, continuing reading and learn all there is to know about the Stearns & Foster Lux Estate mattress collection.

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Mattress

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About the Company — Stearns & Foster

Stearns & Foster is a luxury bedding brand that is owned by Tempur Sealy International, one of the biggest mattress companies in the world. They also own other brands you might recognize, like Tempur-Pedic and Sealy. Stearns & Foster offers four mattress collections — Estate, Lux Estate, Lux Hybrid, and Reserve — and also sells bedding, bases, and cribs. The company is known for using high-end materials and utilizing hand-crafted and quality design.

Stearns & Foster — The Lux Estate Collection

Stearns & Foster say that they’ve crafted the “world’s finest bed” thanks to the attention to detail, high-quality materials, and smart innovation. They tell customers point blank that “you’ll appreciate everything they put in, making it that much harder to get out.”

Whether or not you actually are able to get up and out of bed is up to you, but Stearns & Foster does say that these four qualities are prominent within every single mattress:

  • Authentic craftsmanship: Each Stearns & Foster mattress is handcrafted by trained craftsmen who, as the company expresses, “pay relentless attention to detail to build the best beds.”
  • Exceptional quality: Every mattress is said to be made with “precise engineering” to meet high standards and promote durability, longevity, and luxury.
  • Indulgent comfort: Stearns & Foster boldly states: “nothing is as supremely comfortable as a Stearns & Foster bed.”
  • Legacy of innovation: The company says that they combine new innovation with old traditions when crafting each bed to attain both quality and comfort.

Stearns & Foster — The Lux Estate Collection Features

Here are the various layers that make up each Stearns & Foster bed:

Hand-tufted support. Tufting is part of the mattress manufacturing process that holds together the various layers within a mattress. The techniques keep the materials from shifting and sagging over time and helps with durability and longevity. Heads up, though: this feature is not available in the Ultra Firm comfort level.

Pillowtop Support™ Layer: Instead of a traditional foam layer above the coil system, the Lux Estate mattresses offer a pillow top feature for the Cushion Firm and Plush models within this collection. For some pillowtop 101, a pillowtop mattress is a mattress that includes a separate looking piece on top, that — surprise — looks like a pillow. The sole purpose is to add extra padding and make the mattress softer.

PrimaCool™ Performance Fabric with TENCEL®: This double stretch-knit fabric includes soft and durable Tencel fibers which will wick moisture away from the body and keep both you and the mattress cool. Bonus points: Tencel is eco-friendly and made from natural fibers.

Advanced Adapt™ Foam: Unlike the Estate Collection, all the models in the Lux Estate Collection will have Advanced Adapt Foam. This memory foam has a slower response time and is said to be more durable than other foams.

IntelliCoil® Advanced: Then comes the coils, making this a true hybrid mattress! This exclusive coils system is made with inner and outer coils for durability, comfort, and support for the entire body. Said another way, this system features a coil within a coil where the outer and inner coil system is made from the same wire. The outer coil is longer, catching onto the inner coil and allowing the two coils to work together to provide support.

PrecisionEdge™ System: Below the main coil system is a network of miniature coils for extra support and breathability towards the ends of the mattress. This helps with edge support, so you don’t feel like you’re falling off the ends of the bed.

S&F Air Vents: For even extra breathability, the Lux Estate collection (along with the regular Estate collection) include air vent inside the mattress for even more airflow.

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Mattress

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Stearns & Foster — The Lux Estate Comfort Level Options

After you choose a model within the Lux Estate collection at a retail store, you still have more choices! Next up is picking a comfort level and mattress top.

You can choose from Ultra firm, Firm, Cushion Firm, and Plush. You can also choose between the Euro Pillowtop — for a softer feel — or a tight top, which will be less expensive and more firm. To reiterate: The Pillowtop is only available in the Cushion Firm and Plush models. If you choose Ultra Firm, there is no hand tufting.

Also remember that not every model, comfort level, and mattress top will be available at every retailer. Your best bet is to call ahead of time and understand what exactly each store carries! Retailers that carry Stearns & Foster include Macy’s, Sears, and Bloomingdales. We’ll get more into that now.

Stearns & Foster Mattresses: Sizing & Pricing Information

As we said before, Stearns & Foster sells their mattresses exclusively in retail stores. After they enter the store, the retailer renames each mattress model, making it impossible to know the exact cost of each mattress. We do know that Queen beds start at $2,499 in the Lux Estate collection.

For example, here’s a small sampling of how models are named and priced:

Retailer Model Name Cost
Macy’s Lux Estate Belleville 13″ Luxury Ultra Firm Mattress $2,699.00
Macy’s Estate Lux Gotland 16.5” Luxury Cushion Firm Euro Pillow Top Mattress $3,149.00
Raymour & Flanigan Lux Estate La Sardina Luxury Cushion Firm Pillowtop Twin Long Mattress $2,494.00

To make matters trickier, some stores — like Bloomingdales and Ashley Furniture — don’t include “Lux Estate” in their mattress name, meaning you’ll need to call and speak with a mattress rep to better understand what exact models they carry.

The mattresses come in an array of sizes, including twin, twin long, full, queen, king, split king, California king, and split California king. For the exact details head to or call a retail store near you.

Pros and Cons of a Stearns & Foster Estate Mattress

Based on the limited information online for this mattress, we imagine that the Stearns & Foster Estate mattresses are best fits if:

You like softer beds. While the pillowtop feature isn’t mandatory, having the option is nice. The extra cushion on top is a favorite for many sleepers, even adding a touch of plushness to a firm mattress.

You’re a light sleeper. Thanks to the PrecisionEdge™ System, you’re most likely going to feel strong support throughout the entire bed, with good motion control to boot. If you have a partner who moves around a lot at night, this mattress is designed to mitigate this disturbance.

You sleep hot. While foam beds don’t have the best reputation for keeping cool, the mix of microcoils and air vents helps to keep air moving throughout so you don’t feel hot and bothered when you wake up in the middle of the night.

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Mattress

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Check out the entire Stearns & Foster Lux Estate line at US Mattress!

Lux Estate Mattress Complaints

You have an exact bed in mind that you need. Unfortunately, these mattresses won’t have every option available to you at everysingle store. If you know you need a certain size, comfort level, and topper, it might take some time to find where you exact bed can be purchased.

You’re looking for something to last a lifetime. While nobody is exactly looking for a mattress with a short lifespan, Stearns & Foster doesn’t have the best reputation for longevity. When it comes to reviews, the biggest complaint is durability.

Stearns & Foster: What People are Saying

Here are some reviews from Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Collection owners:

“I just tested this out in a local Mattress Firm and for my personal comfort, it blew everything else out of the water. I had walked in fully expecting to prefer the Tempurpedic (so I had researched those a lot more) but maybe I’m a coils guy and didn’t realize it.”

“I’ve been selling them for 16 years and I still have mixed feelings. They went from great to crappy to mediocre and now we’re back to potentially very good. I can say we have had far, far fewer problems with this particular line than those of the past few. They went through a few dark years where we were getting return after return after return for warranty issues. This line, though, has had far fewer problems. I will say, though, that they are absolutely not a maintenance-free mattress, regardless of what you may hear: you do want to rotate this mattress. Head to toe in a queen and if you can do the 1/4 turn in a king.”

“We bought this mattress about 6 years ago now and after waking up to backache and neck ache’s on a daily basis, I’m ready to try something else.”

“S&F does very well in my store, on Consumer Reports, amongst mattress salespeople, and my parents have had one for years and love it (and they’re bigger people). S&F had a bad line four or five years ago, but have changed a lot to fix the issues.”

“I’m on a Stearns right now. Really, as long as you’re under 200lbs, you should be fine. My model is a plush pillow top, which is still pretty firm. I’m coming up on my 2nd or 3rd year of owning it and, because it’s a plush, I am experiencing a slight sag on the side I frequent. While I still find it very comfortable, that might bug some people. The sides are holding up, beautifully, though. I am also under 200lbs.”

Who’s A Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Mattress For?

Based on what we know, here is why a mattress from the Stearns & Foster Lux Estate collection could be a great fit for you:

You’re passionate about pillowtops. The option for a pillowtop is what sets these mattresses apart from other Stearns & Fosters beds. If you like the plush and soft feel a pillowtop provides, this could be right up your alley!

You’re in the market for a hybrid bed. All of the beds in the Lux Estate collection are true hybrids, thanks to the Advanced Adapt Foam and exclusive Stearns & Foster coil system. For a great balance of spring and support, coolness and contoured support, choosing a hybrid bed could be a great option for you.

You sleep with a partner. If sharing a bed with another human (or pet) causes you to roll towards the ends of the bed, the extra layer of microcoils in these beds means you’ll feel supported across the entire bed — even the edges.

All in all, if you want a luxury bed with good edge support, a soft pillowtop feel, and breathable coils and vents, then a Stearns & Foster Lux Estate mattress could be calling your name. For all the specifics, from price to warranty to available comfort levels, head to a retail store near you.

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